• November 2011, Mark Hunter solo photography exhibition,"Glossy Girls".
    Stephen Webster, ‘No Regrets Lounge', Beverly Hills.

  • June 2011, FAILE: A Decade of Prints and Originals. "LA Works on Paper".
    Post No Bills, Venice Beach, CA
  • September 2011, "Reality Bites" Borf, Brett Amory, Kelsey   Brookes, Mark Jenkins, Morley, Ravi Zupa, Sage Vaughn.
    Post No Bills, Venice Beach, CA
  • July 2011, "European Bailout"  Antony Micallef, Conor  Harrington, Ian Francis, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Mode 2, Paul Insect, Stanley Donwood, Vhils, Zevs. Post No Bills, Venice Beach, CA
  • July 2011, Deedee Cheriel Solo Exhibition,"Songs for Infinate Starry Nights"
    Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles
  • May 2011, Hush solo exhibition, “Twins”
    New Image Art, Los Angeles CA
  • April 2011,  Judith Supine solo exhibition, “Ladyboy”
    New Image Art, Los Angeles CA
  • March 2010, Galvin Benjamin Salon, West Hollywood. 
    Art Collection and PR Services
  • February 2010,  JR, “Wrinkles of the City”
    Los Angeles CA
  • December 2010, FriendsWithYou & Levi’s gifting suite.
    Art Basel, Miami Beach
  • November 2010, Deedee Cheriel solo exhibition, “Abracadabra”
    Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles
  • August 2010, JayJay Burridge solo exhibition,“When Superstars Ruled the World”. Lazarides Gallery, Beverly Hills
  • July 2010,  Jonathan Yeo solo exhibition, “Porn in the USA”
    Lazarides Gallery, Beverly Hills
  • June 2010, “Eurotrash”. Conor Harrington, Anthony Micallef, Vhils, JR
    Lazarides Gallery, Beverly Hills
  • April 2010, David Choe solo exhibition, “Nothing to Declare”.
    Lazarides Gallery, Beverly Hills

  • April 2010, Amanda Visell solo exhibition, “Primeval Love”
    Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

  • August 2008,  Andy Warhol for Levi’s
    Project Global Trade Show, Las Vegas

  • July 2008, David Weidman for Campari, “Art of Cocktailing”
    Chicago, NYC, LA, Philadelphia, San Francisco.

  • July 2008, Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, Kime Buzzelli, Morning Breath & Steve Niles. "The Lost Ones". ZUNE Graphic Novel & 5-City Tour.

  • May 2008,  Mr. Brainwash solo exhibition “Life is Beautiful”
    Los Angeles CA

  • November 2007,  “W HotelsWhite Space Project featuring Chris Yormick. Times Square, NYC.

  • September 2007, “W HotelsWhite Space Project featuring Greg Lamarche.
    San Francisco

  • August 2007, “AWR” group show featuring RETNA, REVOK, SABER. Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn NY

  • June 2007, Six-City Graffiti Tour: RETNA, REVOK & SABER. LA, San Francisco, NYC, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia.

  • March 2007,  Fafi for “Lesportsac”, Product Launch.
    Loft 345, NYC.

  • April 2007, Mike Giant for “TripleFiveSoul”.
    Soho, NYC

  • April 2007,  Claw Money for “Boosted Mobile” collection launch & pop-up shop. Baracuda & Bordello with SantoGold.

  • December 2006, Icons Event “Swindle Magazine” with “Motorola”. Penthouse Suite-Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood CA

  • June 2006, PUMA Gold Sprints
    Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA

  • May 2005,  Warm It Up with Expansion Team
    Chelsea Pier on the Frying Pan, New York City

  • July 2004, Swindle Magazine launch event with Kurtis Blow, Cosmo Baker, Cobrasnake & Shepard Fairey at BLVD, NYC